"The Rising Sun for a New Era has Begun"


(AEPAC) The American Egyptian Public Affairs Committee’s mission is to strengthen the ties between the United States and its allies in Egypt. AEPAC works in lobbying politicians and community leaders to implement public policy that enhances the U.S.-Egypt relationship as well as promoting non-violent means of resolution, establishing political stability and economic prosperity in Egypt and the neighboring regions.
AEPAC may engage in political campaign activities in public interests.
AEPAC educates decision makers about the bonds that aligns the United States and Egyptian interests preserving Egypt’s sovereignty, freedom, civil liberty, modern secular government, freedom of religion, human rights, women rights and equal opportunity for all its citizens.
In light of recent major political, economical, and social changes taking place in Egypt, it’s more critical than ever that the U.S. implement the appropriate foreign policy in regards to Egypt. As such, we work with the U.S. government to enhance its understanding and cultural awareness of this ever changing environment in order to help its decision making and efforts to foster a long-term positive ties with the government and citizens of Egypt.
AEPAC urges all politicians to support Egypt through foreign aid, government partnerships and joint anti-terrorism efforts.

Message From The Founder
Hesham Abu Al-Azm – Founder & Chairman

Human history has been plagued with violence, misunderstandings, disagreements and most of all ignorance. Equally however, human history is filled with moments of inspirations and epiphanies that revealed our ingenuity in finding new ways to solve our differences and rid us of violence and the inevitable end of destruction. We can live together without resorting to violence, simply by educating and engaging our young generations in practicing non-violent means of resolutions.

Egyptian Presidential Candidate 2014
Former Egyptian Presidential Candidate 2012

I feel that we will in turn learn from our young generations. I believe a peaceful solution can be obtained by open communication and mutual respect for each individual’s beliefs. AEPAC’s goal is to reach out to the youth in The United States, Egypt and throughout the entire world so we can create a multi-angled vision and alternative that is well researched and build appropriate communication channels, based on good cooperation driven by peaceful methods and good intentions so we can improve our level of acceptance to one another and lead to a peaceful society in Egypt.