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Welcome to AEPAC

Message From The Founder Hesham Abu Al-Azm – Founder & Chairman

Human history has been plagued with violence, misunderstandings, disagreements and most of all ignorance. Equally however, human history is filled with moments of inspirations and epiphanies that revealed our ingenuity in finding new ways to solve our differences and rid us of violence and the inevitable end of . . .
(Sheriff Leroy D.Baca & Hesham Abu Al-Azm)

Hollywood Sheriff’s Community Advisory Council -(HCSAC). Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.

Hesham Abu Al-Azm: Co-Chair OUR MISSION Develop a network of diverse community leaders in Hollywood and surrounding communities. Build a positive relationship with Law Enforcement. Enhance our mutual respect, Trust and cultural awareness.

(Hesham Abu Al-Azm & Eric Garcetti Mayor of Los Angeles)

Hesham Abu Al-Azm: Chairman

To unite and connect government agencies and law enforcement to the Hollywood Media and Entertainment industry to bridge the gap of communication and establish positive communication and understanding of policies building strong bonds between government agencies and the public to serve our community on the local and national level improving our society.

Hesham Abu Al-Azm: Independent Cultural Advisor and Interpreter to the United States Marine Corp., the US Army for Troop Deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan and a Cultural Advisor and Interpreter for the Navy Seals.

(Dr. Tom Shaker Member of The Egyptian Parliament & Hesham Abu Al-Azm)

Today’s event by the House of Egypt was celebrating the Egyptian Revolution and the Arab Spring. There was amazing food, entertainment, speeches and prominent guests. The House of Egypt is a non-profit organization to invite to all the Egyptians to participate and to keep active to make our community the greatest of all. With your help and effort we can achieve our goals and make our community a role model for others in the world.